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Who Among Nets Have Been Invited to "The Wedding of the Year"?

With the big wedding now only 10 days away, the names of those invited are starting to leak out.

There's Jennifer Lopez (probably without Marc Anthony), Eva Longoria (definitely without Tony Parker), Will and Jada Smith, Kanye West and, of course, Bieber! (no Selena Gomez. They're feuding.)

Who among the Nets have been invited? It's not exactly a state secret, but officially the team isn't saying. You can be sure Jordan Farmar has been invited. He introduced Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian. What about the coaches? We're hearing just about all of them have been invited. Kris has been very outspoken about how Avery Johnson and staff helped him turn his career around. Billy King? We're told to check his Twitter feed on August 20. So hush-hush!!

And what about the Nets' own mega-celebrities? Jay-Z and Beyonce' have been invited. Duh. That leaves the tall guy with the Gulfstream V. Will Mikhail Prokhorov take a break from campaigning for Russia's Duma to fly across the globe when, as we all know, he hopes true love never finds him?  Stay tuned.