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D-Will Says He's Been Thinking about Europe As An Option For 2-3 Years

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In an interview with Chris Broussard that ran on SportsCenter early Saturday and posted Saturday night, Deron Williams said that he he's been thinking about going overseas ever since the lockout became a reality two or three years ago. 

While one rationale has to been to play and stay in shape, he added he's not going to let the owners have their way.

Williams continued to say positive things about the Nets, "They have big dreams for Brooklyn and I can kind of picture that," he said. "It kind of excites me. I think it can be big,"  He also admitted if the season is canceled, "it will kind of put a damper on things" because it will limit the team's options in improving the roster.

Saying the European option "was always on my mind" he told Broussard that only close friends and some teammates, including two who had played in Turkey, knew about the idea. Even now after the fact, he hasn't shared the finer details of the deal with others.  "I can't be snitching," he replied. Indeed, he told Broussard, some doubted him, but he assured them that the plan would be serious as long as the lockout remained inevitable. As for the threat of injury, “I can get hurt walking down these stairs.”

Williams said he doesn't need the money, that he has a lot saved up and he will use whatever he earns in Turkey to make investments.  He also thinks Turkey will be a nice "adventure" for he and his family. At least one blogger, Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead, said Williams came across as "worldly, intelligent, unpretentious."