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Should Ratner Be Forced to Add Parking Garage at Barclays?

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Here's something Barclays Center critics and Bruce Ratner are likely to agree on: there's no reason to build an underground parking garage for thousands of cars near the arena.  A Brooklyn state legislator is considering introducing a bill demanding Ratner build a garage near the arena and everyone seems opposed.

Assemblyman Jim Brennan says the walled-in, landscaped 1,100-car lot (above) Ratner plans to provide is insufficient.  Residents  have long feared that on game days, parking in the neighborhood will become a nightmare.

"We’re going to force them to provide more off-street parking," said Brennan. "There is no reason that Forest City Ratner should be allowed to not provide parking."  Residents are outraged, with one saying additional parking will bring additional cars. "If you build it, they will drive," he said. Ratner is building a $50 Transit Connection at Barclays and plans to offer "NetroCards" to encourage fans to take the subways and Long Island Railroad.