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Players Union Supports D-Will Move; Can't Say If He Consulted The NBPA

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In an interview with Sports Illustrated, National Basketball Players Association v.p. Maurice Evans says the players' union supports Deron Williams' move to play in Turkey during the NBA lockout, but said he didn't know if Williams had consulted the NBPA before agreeing to sign with Besiktas of Istanbul.

We support each and every player, so take your hat off to Deron Williams for making a decision to show off his talents in another country and to work with another team that's willing to utilize his services. He's an All-Star in his prime, and to be forced to sit out is a waste.

But when asked if D-Will had consulted the union, Evans said he didn't know.

I have no idea. I think that Deron made a decision for himself and his family. For himself, it's to keep his body in shape so he can be the best possible player for the New Jersey Nets when this lockout ends.