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Deron Deal Could Come Friday With U.S. Press Conference Next Week

You can be sure of one thing: this is not the way Mikhail Prokhorov envisioned globalization would work.

With the dust settling following yesterday's dramatic news, here is the basic outline of the deal as currently known.

Deron Williams will likely  agree in principle Friday to play for Besiktas Cola Turka in the Turkish League next season for as much as $5 million. A press conference is expected sometime next week somewhere in the United States. He won't have to join Besiktas until late August or early September, and can leave once the lockout is over. As part of the deal, Besiktas, known as the Black Eagles, will provide him with a personal assistant, body guard and driver. His family will join him in Turkey.

Meanwhile, the Nets continue to plan for free agency in hopes of keeping D-Will around after the lockout ends. Fred Kerber reports "Two unrestricted free agents, Denver's power forward/center Nene and Detroit's small forward Tayshaun Prince, will be the Nets' prime targets when the lockout ends. Kris Humphries is a priority to re-sign -- but only at a reasonable price".