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Ratner Excited by Billion Dollar Arena

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

On a day when the team's top player reportedly agreed to take his talents to Istanbul for the lockout (without telling the front office) and a business reporter detailed the team's mind-blowing losses, Bruce Ratner couldn't restrain himself talking with Jeanine Ramirez of NY1 about Barclays Center and its future.

"All together, interest, taxes, everything, it's a billion dollars," said Ratner, now simply referred to as "arena developer", rather than minority owner. He contended without much argument that it will be the world's most expensive basketball arena. When its done next September, "it will be a big whoosh moment, something that's been long in coming."

Ratner added that about half the steel for the arena is now in place and promised the roof would be completed by "the winter."