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Move Puts Pressure On Prokhorov

Henry Abbott of ESPN's True Hoop offers his analysis of why Deron Williams' proposed move to Turkey makes sense for him as a "Plan B" but also for the locked-out NBA players in their battle with the owners. By agreeing to join Besiktas of the Turkish League, Williams puts pressure on Mikhail Prokhorov.

"There's real pressure on Mikhail Prokhorov, and implied pressure on every owner with valued stars, to get the NBA season started on time," writes Abbott. "There's nothing like watching the future of your franchise take the floor night in and night out in a chippy overseas league. If Williams gets injured in Turkey, it's bad for Williams, but it's dreadful for the Nets," who need him to recruit free agents and open the Barclays Center.

Abbott also writes Williams "has not so much agreed to play in Turkey. He has instead picked up a plan B for himself, to earn some money if and only if he remains locked out at the end of the summer. There's little risk." Williams is expected to sign his deal within 24 hours and Besiktas plans a press conference in the US next week.