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Nene Looks Like Top Target at PF; Butler, Prince Get Net Interest at SF

Deron Williams has said he'd like to see the Nets add veterans from winning programs. Al Iannazzone, in listing the Nets free agent forward prospects, seems to be using that formula as well in handicapping the Nets' top choices for both power and small forward, the biggest needs the last several years.

Nene tops the list at PF, with Iannazzone noting he "opted out of the $11.6 million due next season from Denver, so he’ll want at least that to start." As for Kris Humphries, the Record writer says the two sides would like a reunion but " if Humphries is looking for a major payday, the Nets may let him walk." He suggests as well that the Nets once had a lot of interest in David West but a "surgically reconstructed knee" and age have combined to hurt his chances.

At SF, Iannazzone points to two veteran swingmen, Caron Butler and Tayshaun Prince (D-Will's Olympic teammate), as most likely targets for the Nets. They'll pursue Andrei Kirilenko (D-Will's Jazz teammate) but only at the "right price". As for Kenyon Martin? "A risk, a short-term solution and unlikely to return to the Nets".