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Does Avery Really Want Outlaw To Put Up 17 Shots a Game? Dad Says Yes

Lots of Outlaw family news coming out of Starkville, MS. Last week, one local paper, the Columbus Dispatch, reported comments by Travis Outlaw's cousins and brother that he'd been "stressed out" by the pressure of his $35 million contract. It got a lot of play from national sports media.

This week? The Starkville Daily News quotes Travis' dad, John Outlaw, saying he "overhead" a conversation in which Avery Johnson said his son needs to shoot more. "(Johnson) said, 'I want you to put up those 17 shots' so this year, Travis said it's on."  This, too, is getting attention.

Travis? He remains upbeat. "I like to call us a middle-aged team. We've got the potential to make it to the playoffs."  While the lockout is on, he'll stay in Mississippi with family.