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Big Lockout Loser So Far: Rookies

Al Iannazzone and others write Wednesday that the first victims of the NBA lockout are rookies, particularly the undrafted kids who might have gotten a chance in summer league and training camps. MarShon Brooks could also use the time in camp and second round picks who don't have guaranteed deals, like Jordan Williams, aren't getting instruction. At least Bojan Bogdanovic is in Turkey playing with Fenerbache.

In fact, one player the Nets were interested in has already signed overseas, guaranteed money trumping the uncertain promise of an NBA tryout.  Ben Hansbrough, Tyler's younger brother and Notre Dame point guard, has signed with Bayern, a German club.  In some cases, NBA teams are asking undrafted players not to sign just yet with European teams, to wait and see. It's possible some second rounders could get a chance to play in the D-League, but the D-League rules make it difficult to assign an unsigned pick to his team's affiliate.