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Pursuing Howard Carries Risks

Should the Nets go for Dwight Howard in a trade or free agency, as Marc Stein suggested last week (and as every Nets beat writer has suggested for months)?  Major duh. But how? While commending the Nets for pursuing the man many believe is the NBA's second best player, SI's Zach Lowe notes the problems in doing so.

Noting there's nothing certain in the new CBA, he lays out a degree of difficulty for each scenario he proposes. Brook Lopez may be an interesting piece, but is he a good as Andrew Bynum? How do the Nets pile up enough contracts to get close to Howard's monster pact? Would a proposed prohibition on sign-and-trades kill the idea? And how should they play it this off-season whenever that aggressive or wait for D-12?

All that said, Lowe suggests that the Nets have one advantage: Howard isn't opposed to being the Nets brand in Brooklyn.