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Skyzoo "Spots" Up on Nets' Move

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Skyzoo is a Brooklyn-born rapper who was influenced by Jay-Z. He's also a Knicks' fan...and says everyone in New York is too, "no matter what borough you grew up in". So he's not sure the Nets are making a smart move to Brooklyn.

Then again...the 28-year-old Bed-Stuy native tells SLAM the move is in his face. "I'm from not too far from where the stadium is going up and I see it every day, I see the plans, I see the buildings, I see how's it happening."

He finds something else appealing that Jay-Z fans can appreciate. "The spot" where Barclays Center is rising is a block from where a younger Jay-Z, then a street hustler, kept his "stash": 560 State Street. Jay-Z sings about it in "Empire State of Mind". The proximity of the the two spots, the "stash spot" where Jay-Z once stashed his drugs and "the spot" where his team's arena is rising is too much, says Skyzoo, too much.

"Just to be able to say you went from that to that, a block away, is bar none," he says, shaking his head.