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A Look Back at ABA Nets Reveals Parallels To Current, Future Nets

If the NBA can run videos of the Knicks 1972-73 title run during the lockout, we're entitled to post a look back at the Nets days in the ABA, when they were first the New Jersey Americans, then New York Nets before joining the NBA in 1976 and losing Julius Erving because the Knicks asked for a "territorial" entry fee.

It's a heart-warming tale of how the Nets had a series of bad seasons in an antiquated gym. Their owner couldn't put much money into them. Then, a new, unlikely owner arrived, moved the team first to a temporary home, then to a brand new arena, which they shared with an NHL team. Sound familiar? It should.

And the good news: within a few years of the changes, the Nets traded for one of basketball's great players and won two ABA championships in three years. What goes know the rest.