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Nets' Scout told King: Bogdanovic "Combination of Stojakovic, Delfino"

A report in a Croatian sports journal states that the Nets top international scout told Billy King in his scouting report that Bojan Bogdanovic, taken in the second round by the Nets, could be a combination of Peja Stojakovic and Carlos Delfino, on arrival in the NBA.

The journal, Sportke Novosti (Sports News), quoted Danko Cvjeticanin's scouting report to King in a story last week:

Danko Cvjeticanin, who is the Nets' European scout, most certainly had a big role and influence for this deal to go through. Billy King worked with Danko in Philadelphia as well and King trusts his judgments.

Cvjeticanin, a former Croatian national team player, wrote in his reports that in Bogdanovic, he sees "a combination of Stojakovic and Delfino", and King had no doubts about (taking Bogdanovic) after that.

The Nets had Bogdanovic in twice for workouts, the second time in private the morning of the Draft. Sergei Kushchenko, the newest member of the Nets board of directors and former Euroleague "Executive of the Year" told NetsDaily Bogdanovic was a "great stealth move."