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Prokhorov for President? Nah, He Wants Putin's Job as Prime Minister


One of Russia's leading politicians tells the country's official news agency that he expects Mikhail Prokhorov to run for President of Russia next March. Sergei Mironov, former president of the Russian Federation Council --similar to the U.S. Senate-- told RIA Novosti that Prokhorov is likely to be one of five candidates.

Prokhorov on Tuesday said his main goal is not President, but Prime Minister, now held by former President and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. ""Do you think I entered politics just to get into the Duma [Russia's parliament] and then relax and have a smoke?" asked Prokhorov.

The Nets owner recently became head of Pravoe Delo ("Right Cause") and has reportedly committed $100 million to its campaign coffers. The party is fielding candidates for the December parliamentary elections and could field a candidate for president next March, presumably Prokhorov. Mironov said he expects the country's top two political leaders, Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev, to anoint a yet unknown candidate for president in order to ensure they retain power.