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Charities Now Top of D-Will Agenda

Deron Williams will go back to the University of Illinois and Utah next month to raise money for local charities through his Point of Hope Foundation. Williams' charity work is among the NBA's most generous, winning him several NBA Cares designations while with the Jazz.

On August 6, he and fellow Illini alumni will gather at the Urbana-Champaign campus for the 2011 Illinois Basketball Alumni Game Game and Reception.  More than 10,000 are expected at the game. Williams also hosts the event's annual golf game. Event organizers will auction off a foursome game with D-Will, who has promised to match up to $50,000 on the winning bid. Williams has given Illinois several hundred thousand dollars, including one gift of $300,000.

On August 27, he and Kyle Korver will host their annual dodgeball charity tournament in Lehi, Utah. All proceeds from the event will be evenly split to benefit charitable foundations chosen by Williams and Korver. Last year, more than 64 teams participated and the two take the tourney quite seriously. (Also, make sure to click D-Will cliff diving link on the Terez Owens site -- unless, of course, you are a Nets official with heart issues.)