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Not Satisfied With Sports Service, Yormark Hiring Disney Institute

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

Brett Yormark is traveling to Orlando Sunday to make final arrangements for all of Barclays Center's employees to be trained by the Disney Institute, believing that the level of service at area sports venues isn't up to par. 

Yormark will spend two days working out training regimens with Disney.  The arena has yet to hire the hundreds of employees it will need to handle everything from concessions to VIP concierge services.

Two months ago, Yormark told Jared Max of ESPN Radio that he thought "the service element" at other arenas needed improvement.  "One of the things I think about when I get ready or  Brooklyn is, has the service element truly been defined in this marketplace and I would challenge people to say, in many respects, No it hasn't ...We are going to refine the service experience."