Who is Net Income?

It has been a slow summer for Nets Fans. The lockout is killing all of us inside. Deron Williams is going to Istanbul with a chance he could get injured. Their has been little free agency rumors. Proky is busy trying to get into the Kremlin. We have Travis Outlaw on our team.  On the bright side , the new arena looks amazing.  So without any further procrastination....... I ask you , the readers of NetsDaily , to ponder a question. Who is Net Income?   He knows everything their is to be known about the New Jersey Nets. He isn't just an obsessive fan . He must have ties to people within  the  Organization.  Also he defends Travis Outlaw and he used to defend Yi Jianlian as if they were angels on Earth. So who is this mysterious figure?  I also urge him not to delete my post or ban me and allow a normal poster to enjoy his right to write on this website.