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A Campaign Directed At Free Agents As Much As It Is At The Public

The stories appear almost daily: progress reports, tours, helicopter views.  It's by no means random, but rather an orchestrated campaign to let everyone know that Barclays Center is real, ahead of schedule and very different from other arenas.  And "everyone" includes NBA free agents.

"The Nets are eager to show off the arena's progress, believing it can entice players now that they're ready to spend again thanks to [Mikhail] Prokhorov's deep pockets," reports AP in the latest feature. "The delays in getting it built may have cost the Nets in their pursuit of Carmelo Anthony, who said players would always wonder about the Brooklyn move because they couldn't see it."

How effective has all this "banging and danging", as AP calls it? The Knicks seem to have noticed. It may be a coincidence, but mid week, that same Carmelo Anthony was being quoted as praising Madison Square Garden's three-year long "transformation" ..even though he hasn't been permitted contact with the Knicks since the NBA locked out players. The quote was apparently from before the lockout.