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In Days Before Lockout, D-Will Met with King and Johnson in San Diego

They can't have contact again till the lockout ends, but Billy King and Avery Johnson played golf and sat down for dinner with Deron Williams Tuesday in San Diego, according to King's Twitter feed. On the same trip, Johnson was expected to meet with MarShon Brooks and Jordan Williams in Santa Barbara.

King tweeted on Tuesday, that he was "On my way to San Diego to play a round of golf (not sure if what I do is called golf) with Deron and Avery afterwards dinner." A day later, King tweeted again, "Good time yesterday my golf game still needs major work. Deron and Coach hit them pretty good. Flying back now San Diego very nice for 20hrs."

Meanwhile the two rookies' feeds noted how they had good workouts and were cramming on the Nets' playbook, presumably with Johnson.  Brooks tweeted a Brooklyn friend, "I'm out here in Santa barbara! It's beautiful, but I'm tryna learn all these plays!!" He also described his workout at Peak Performance Project as "crazy" and J-Will added, "I love my job!"