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Outlaw's "Entourage" Admits He Played Badly, Was "Stressed Out"

Travis Outlaw came to the NBA just out of high school and his family set up a support system for him, first in Portland, then in New Jersey.

A brother and two cousins live with him in Saddle River, serving as his personal assistant, manager, chef, whatever he needs. This week, they (but not he) spoke with a local paper following his annual basketball camp where they served as counselors.

The theme of the article was simple: he faced a big transition, a big challenge and he didn't do well with it. They promise he will do better, that the Nets have demanded it. They admit in particular that he didn't make the extra effort after signing that big contract.

"A lot of times, he was so stressed out about the season and a lot of other things that were going on in his life he couldn't get motivated to do those things sometimes," said one of the cousins, Chris Outlaw, adding, "He just got that contract and the organization is really looking for him to perform way better than he performed last year. They're really putting the burden on his shoulders that 'We need you to do more,' and he understands that."