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Yormark: Jay-Z "Very Involved" in Design of Uniform, Colors, Arena

Near the end of an interview with Robert Wuhl, who once played agent Arliss Michaels on HBO, Brett Yormark spoke about the role of Jay-Z in the team's transition to Brooklyn, his hometown. It seems there's little the rapper turned entrepreneur isn't involved in.

"Jay's very involved, which is terrific," the Nets CEO. "Obviously, he's a trendsetter and such a talented individual. We and myself in particular collaborate with Jay very often. He's doing some things with the building as far as premium spaces,  working with our architect and our design firm. He's also working with us on our jerseys, the colors, just directionally how we want to present the brand when we get to Brooklyn. 

"So he's very involved, takes it very seriously and obviously coming from Brooklyn, he sees this as a huge moment and a bit of a part of his legacy. So, I'm really happy to have him on board and like I said, we work very closely together."

Yormark also predicted the scheduled opening night of Barclays Center, September 28, 2012, will be "one of biggest statements in sports in the past 25 years." The opening bill that night is virtually guaranteed to be Jay-Z in concert.