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CBS Tries Ranking All 30 Teams

As the lockout goes on and on, the attempts to keep fan interest high get stretched further and further. (We know of this phenomenon.) CBS Sports' Ben Golliver tries his best, with a ranking of the NBA's currrent rosters, minus trades, rookies and free agent signings.

Bottom line, Golliver writes, is "who, really, is in the best shape right now?"

He ranks the Nets 27th, ahead of Bucks, Magic and Pistons, and writes, "Much like the Magic with Dwight Howard, the Nets have tied their fortunes to Deron Williams, who seems particularly itchy to play for a winner. If there's a consolation, it's that New Jersey doesn't have a contract like Arenas' or Turkoglu's on the books, but they did overpay for a bunch of marginal players last summer, and Outlaw's deal looks worse by the day. Lopez and the team's ability to add talent during the upcoming free agency period provides a glimmer of hope that Williams might decide to stay in town but there's still significant risk". 

So new?