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Berger: Biggest Stars Missing in NBA Labor Fight

Ken Berger writes Wednesday about the absence of top players, including Deron Williams, from the lockout wars.  He notes that the NBA stars have been remarkably quiet, other than to suggest they could be headed overseas.  He contrasts that with the NFL's stars who led the fight against owners.

"Instead, they're traveling the world selling shoes and apparel, tweeting about the Cowboys and emitting glorious twitpics of their view of the Pacific Ocean during breakfast", he writes. As for threats to go overseas --and in D-Will's case, more than that-- Berger says it hurts the union. "What happens when all the stars go overseas to 'get theirs,' leaving the rank and file behind to deal with the lockout and wrestle with the owners' draconian demands?"

The CBS writer also takes note of Williams' demand that MarShon Brooks lose his Nets' T-shirt. "If the T-shirt tweet was Williams' attempt at using his clout and leadership to effect meaningful change in collective bargaining, it ultimately will prove just as effective as his decision to sign with Besiktas.(Think tree, forest, nobody around to hear it fall.)" Meanwhile, Diana Taurasi, who splits time between the WNBA and overseas, has advice for Williams and others  on the European hoops atmosphere: "It's volatile, it's violent. So it will be something they haven't seen very often."