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Prokhorov's Billboard Campaign

Pravoe Delo
Pravoe Delo

Say you're motoring from Omsk to Tomsk in Siberia next month (hey, it could happen!). Don't be surprised to see a billboard or two or three or more with the smiling face of the Nets owner beaming down at you.  To improve Mikhail Prokhorov's image with the motoring masses, his party is slapping his face and a slogan across Russia's highways.

Although Prokhorov is the second or third richest person in the country and he's been on almost every interview show, Pravoe Delo ("Right Cause") and Prokhorov himself want him to be the face of the party and so are buying up billboard space.  It's part of a reported $100 million campaign, financed by Prokhorov.  How's it going so far? There's been some movement in the polls but getting to 7%, the magic number for representation in Parliament, won't be easy.