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A Little Joy in a World of Woe

The current issue of SLAM has features on a slew of point guards: Jason Kidd, Rajon Rondo, Shaun Livingston, Jeff Teague and Mario Chalmers, but the lead article is about Deron Williams, entitled "Hello Brooklyn".  Written before the lockout and resulting Turkish Temptation, Jake Appleman still offers a different take on D-Will.

For Appleman, Williams is all about subtlety and his season, the only 20 point, 10 assist gambit of 2010-11, seemed to get lost in subtlety.  He writes...

"Almost everything about Williams' 10-11 season was subtle. In November, he led the Jazz to four incredible double-digit comebacks in five days, all on the road, against teams in the Southeast, but that was overshadowed by Kevin Love's remarkable record setting rebounding. His acquisition was dwarfed by the magnitude of Melo talk. Heck, the last game he played in for the Nets this season wasn't televised anywhere. He drained a game-winning stepback jumper against that was like a tree falling in a mostly empty forest."

But Appleman saves his best for last...when he lays out what life could be like in Brooklyn...


Carmelo and Amare are still doing their thing (albeit with more help), dominating the World's Most Famous Arena and the tabloids alike.  But with Deron Williams and new pick and roll partner, Dwight Howard, slicing up opposing defenses, the Atlantic Avenue Assist Man and teammates are the talk of the League.

Prokhorov is in his luxury box, enjoying the view.  The first row is peppered with celebrities. Spike Lee, a conflicted Larry David [ed. note: a Brooklyn native], Beyonce' and Jay-Z, Kim Humphries Kardashian, the cast of MTV's new hit, The Coney Island Shore (produced by Stephon Marbury) and many, many more.

All good things come to those who wait.