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Where $5 Million is $10 Million and Other Overseas Opportunities

Others are writing that the overseas temptation, the one Deron Williams has already succumbed to, is not what it's cracked up to be.  But Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated takes a deeper look at the opportunities that international play presents NBA players, including D-Will. They could be quite lucrative.

For example, experienced agents tell Amick they typically negotiate with international teams to pay a player's taxes upfront. Overseas contract terms are net, NBA contract terms are gross.

"So considering Williams' salary with the Turkish team, Besiktas, has been reported as a one-year, $5 million deal, that's the approximate equivalent to a $10 million NBA deal," Amick writes.

It doesn't end there. There's marketing opportunities like the sales of jerseys. Stars like Williams don't get a cent from the sales of NBA jerseys. It goes to the teams. In Europe, that can be negotiated. Same with other signature items. "That would almost certainly result in players getting a significant slice of the financial pie that they don't in their agreement with the NBA," reports Amick.  Bottom line: Is it enough to make owners nervous?