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Williams: "Couldn’t Be Happier To Be A Net" ...and Wear Carter's Number

In an interview with his local newspaper, Jordan Williams talks about how happy he is to be a Net; how he chose No. 15 because Vince Carter is his favorite player; how he bonded with MarShon Brooks at their P3 cram course in Santa Barbara and why he's working out near home during the NBA lockout.

"I couldn’t be happier to be a Net. It’s pretty rare for a rookie to have a chance to fight for a spot for playing time and I’m looking forward to that chance," he told the Waterbury Republican-American. "I thought at least I would go at No. 37 to the Clippers, but I was hoping to go at 36 (to the Nets)".

Williams said the Nets had told his agent they were interested in him even at #27. As for his choice of uniform, he said, "Fifteen was a number I wore before high school. It’s pretty cool to get to wear the same number (Carter) wore with the Nets." Williams will work out near home at his high school gym...while keeping in touch with "my brother" Brooks.