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Key D-League Decisions Awaited

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

When the Nets took over the Springfield Armor on May 1, they planned to have key personnel in place by the NBA Draft. That meant hiring a coach, an assistant coach, a trainer, at least. The team also wanted to name two of their own to run the team as general manager and assistant GM, who'll run operations in Springfield from East Rutherford.

So far, none of those appointments has been announced for the obvious reason: the lockout. Now comes word that the coaching decision will be made in September. The Times-News of Erie, PA, home of the Knicks affiliate, reports that in a piece on how the hybrid affiliation is working for the Knicks and Nets. The D-League season starts in mid-November.

No one in Springfield seems concerned. As Alex Schwerin, the manager of the Armor notes, "The Nets have a whole slew of employees in their basketball operations department, and people who are focused on that from day to day, that you've got to imagine there is going to be some improvement from the basketball standpoint."