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For Williams, Boone, It's A Case of "Been There, Done That"

Marcus Williams and Josh Boone were the hope of the 2006 Draft for the Nets: a 6'3" point guard who had inexplicably dropped out of the lottery into the early 20's, and a 6'10" power forward who, while a question mark offensively, had a reputation as a solid defender and rebounder.  They were teammates, to boot, having won an NCAA title with UConn.

By 2010, they were out of the league and playing in China (Boone) and Russia (Williams). The two were sought out this week by ESPN (Boone) and DIME (Williams) to talk about their experiences playing overseas after four seasons in the NBA.  Boone spoke about cultural differences while Williams talked about how another point guard named Williams might be treated.