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Humphries' Progress - How Much Is Enough To Get Him Big Bucks?

Sebastian Pruiti of NBAPlaybook and Basketball Prospectus gives a balanced view of Kris Humphries progress and where he needs to improve, suggesting that while he has certain skills on both offense and defense, he also has undeniable deficiencies that have to be corrected before he gets the really big bucks

Writing for Basketball Prospectus, Pruiti notes "Humphries is a very good on-ball defender. In the post, Humphries held opponents to just .851 points per possession (PPP) on 41.3 percent shooting. In isolation situations, Humphries was even better, holding opponents to a .616 PPP on just 27.5 percent shooting". In both those categories, he's near the top of the league rankings.

On offense, however, it's more a mixed picture.  "The advancement of Humphries' offensive game came when Nets head coach Avery Johnson started using him off the ball and putting him in situations where he doesn't really have to make a lot of decisions...

"So will Humphries be able to improve on his first full season with New Jersey? I don't think he can unless he learns how to create his own offense. I always thought Humphries' best role would be coming off the bench as a high-energy, playing-strong-defense type. However, he isn't going to be paid like that, and whoever coughs up the cash is going to be very disappointed if he continues to be just a pick-and-roll guy with no back-to-the-basket game".