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D-Will Tweets MarShon, "Take Off That Nets Shirt" And (Later) Brooks Does

MarShon Brooks via Twitter
MarShon Brooks via Twitter

Seems like he was kidding (half-kidding?), but Deron Williams tweeted Friday night that MarShon Brooks should take off the Nets' T-shirt he's showing off in his new Twitter avatar.

needs to take off that nets shirt... They take us off everything during the lockout don't give them any pub," D-Will tweeted, adding, "LOL... What up tho?"

Williams restarted his Twitter account after the lockout began. On his Facebook page, Williams changed his avatar from him as a Net to him as a member of Team USA, but his official website remains Nets-centric. Some players have removed team affiliation from their social media for the reason Williams expressed in his tweet to Brooks.

In response, Brooks initially tweeted, "I should take it down but I'm to happy lol! can't believe it..but man I'm out here playing in these pro ams to stay sharp..u?"  Then, later Saturday, he did switch.