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Our Favorite MarShon

The Marshon vs. MarShon thingie (it's not really a controversy and it's certainly not a "-gate") continues and now there is a definitive authority on which is the proper spelling of the Net pick's first name: his mother.

Kevin McNamara, the Providence writer who covered Brooks career with the Friars, wrote on Wednesday that he spells his name "the way he's spelled it his entire life", meaning Marshon, not MarShon. 

Perhaps after reading NetsDaily's exhaustive report on it all, McNamara did more reporting and on Thursday morning, recanted.

According to Brooks' mother, Darlyn, "MarShon is spelled with a capital `S' and is spelled that way on his birth certificate. He chose not to write his name this way when he got older for some reason."

What could that reason be? "Maybe he didn't want his name to be mispronounced as martian...LOL!," Daryln Brooks wrote in a short email.

Later,  Brooks himself tweeted, "For the record, my name is MarShon. But I go by Marshon, long story...dnt ask."  Yes, sports fans, there is a lockout.