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So, Is It Marshon or MarShon?

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Kevin McNamara covered MarShon (or is it Marshon?) Brooks when he played at Providence.  In his College Hoops Blog Wednesday, he took note of Brooks' 48-point effort in the Nike Pro-City Tournament.  But he also took the occasion to make a comment on what's his name.

"First let's get one thing straight. Marshon Brooks spells his name the way you just read it and the way he's spelled it his entire life," he blogs. "His NBA press people want to spell it MarShon for some reason known only to them. Heard of Google, by chance?"

Fine but a cursory exploration of Google subsidiary YouTube reveals a Providence College highlight package from April titled, "MarShon Brooks, 2010-11 Providence." 

More importantly, Brooks' agent, Seth Cohen, says it's really about setting the record straight. "His name is spelled MarShon," he told NetsDaily. "That's how his mom spelled it since birth". The Nets? They spell it MarShon.