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Who's Likely to Lose the Most in Lockout? Your New Jersey Nets

The Nets haven't had an easy time selling tickets for their last season in New Jersey. There are no doubt a number of factors, the lockout being one, the team's move to Brooklyn another. But according to a sports marketing survey, the Nets have another disadvantage: their fan base is the weakest to begin with.

Scarborough Sports Marketing measures fan interest by surveying people in the team's region, asking if they've gone to a game, listened to one on the radio or watched one on television in the last year. The Spurs have the top fan base by that measure, with 61% of San Antonio residents doing one or more. At the bottom are your New Jersey Nets, with a mere 11%. It's the second straight year for that dubious distinction. The Knicks rank 25th. A Scarborough official told the San Antonio Express-News fan interest level is likely to be a big indicator of who recovers fastest (or slowest) after a lengthy lockout.