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2011-12 Nets Schedule Features Another Trip to London

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Despite the on-going lockout, the NBA released the 2011-12 schedule on Tuesday, and it features another overseas trip for the Nets. The team will once again travel to London in early March, this time to take on the Orlando Magic for two games. And once again, the Nets will host both games, meaning they will have just 39 home games in Newark.

For the second straight year, the Prudential Center schedule will begin with a visit from the Detroit Pistons on Saturday, Nov. 5 at noon. The season opener will be in Washington three days earlier. The last game in Newark will be against the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday, April 18. And weeknight home games have been moved back to a 7:30 start time.

Deron Williams will make his return to Utah on Saturday, January 14. That's one of five NBA TV games on the Nets' schedule (two of the other four are the London games). They're not scheduled to appear on ESPN or TNT at all.

All of the above, of course, is subject to change should the lockout truncate the season.