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NBA Schedule Out Tuesday: Who Will Nets Play Last Game in New Jersey?

The announcement of the NBA season schedule is usually a big deal as fans map out the best games to attend, search for difficult and easy stretches, back-to-backs and this season, who the Nets will play in their final game in New Jersey (not counting playoffs, of course) before crossing two rivers to Brooklyn. Unless of course that already happened on April 11

With the lockout threatening to destroy the entire season, all that is anti-climactic. No one can say when the first game will take place or if it will take place at all.  In fact, Scott Schroeder of Ridiculous Upside submits that the next big game for NBA fans, and certainly Nets fans, will take place in Istanbul on September 27, when Besiktas faces off against Dexia Mons of Belgium in a EuroCup thriller, adding, "Make it end please, Mr. Stern."