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Wright Hopes for Jersey Return

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Brandan Wright is still only 23 years old, six months older than Brook Lopez, two days older than Damion James. He showed some promise, including his first double-double, with the Nets after a deadline trade. But he's mostly been an afterthought this off-season, a free agent few have mentioned in team plans.

Yet, Wright has once again indicated he thinks he'll be back in New Jersey.

"There’s a chance I might not go back (to New Jersey), but we don’t know — especially with all the labor stuff," Wright said while working out in Brentwood, TN. "Right now it’s looking like I’ll be back there. But you never know. It’s a business. You don’t know what’s going to happen.”

A 6'10" forward with a 7'4" wingspan, Wright said he had a tough transition from the Warriors to the Nets. "I really didn’t get comfortable with them (played in 16 games) until like, the last five games coming over in the trade and it was a young team."