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Besiktas Finance Freeze Confirmed

The same reporter who broke Deron Williams-to-Turkey story now confirms reports that Turkish authorities have frozen the finances of Besiktas, D-Will's new team. Besiktas has been involved in a soccer match-fixing scandal that' already resulted in the jailing of a top club official and soccer coach.

How this affects Williams deal is uncertain.  His salary is to be paid personally by a business owned by Besiktas' chairman.  His contract is believed to be $200,000 a month (and as much as $5 million if he meets unlikely incentives and stays the full season.)  Besiktas wanted to sign Kobe Bryant to a $500,000 a month contract, ESPN reports, but the scandal and resultant financial freeze put that on best.

Bryant appears to be no longer interested and Besiktas must now search for outside funding to help with the further pursuit of NBA players, ESPN reports.