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Barclays Tours Intended to Amaze

Barclays Center - July 18
Barclays Center - July 18

In the latest tour of Barclays Center, Bruce Ratner tells the Times, "Sometimes I look at it and I am amazed we all got there."  That is of course the point of the tours that are now weekly or even more frequent. Despite impediments, and the Times lists them all, there is now evidence, in bright orange hues, that it's all very real, amazing actually. 

The arena' critics can complain about the dust or the "rat tsunami" or the illegal parking or revel in their (limited) court victory last week, of which the Times takes its first notice. Doesn't matter much. As Liz Robbins notes, "Sections of prefabricated concrete seat platforms and concourses — the guts of every sports arena since Roman times — are now in place". 

Starting Wednesday, the arena's distinctive exterior "skin" goes up. Expect more amazement as the Nets' senior vice-president for communications, Barry Baum, dons his construction helmet and leads another reporter on tour. And if he wants, he can schedule them whenever he wants: the job is going to three shifts, 24 hours a day.