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Keeping the Customers Satisfied ... Even with Lockout, Uncertainty

Every NBA team has a problem selling tickets with the lockout and the threat of a lost season.  But the Nets have two problems. They don't know if they're selling a last season in Newark, a first season in Brooklyn or both.

So the team has launched a summer initiative, called "We Are Here for You",  to offer season ticket holders a series of  as many as 50 experiences to keep them interested even if there are no games ...and no players to help out..  Among the offers: tours of Barclays Center, a visit to a sparring session at Gleason's Gym; bowling in Brooklyn and, wait for it, a wine tasting with Avery Johnson.  

There are also plans for ticket rebates. “The goal is to stay connected to our fans,” Brett Yormark told Sports Busines Journal. “We have to manufacture as big a voice as we can. When you think about what we have to do in the next 15 months, we have to take it to a new level.”