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Nets Youth Likely To Make Them Itchy, Not Restful, During Lockout

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The Nets, as Avery Johnson will tell you, are a young team. Deron Williams is the oldest player the Nets have under contract next season and he just turned 27.

The nine other players who are likely back next year are all 20-somethings: Brook Lopez is 23. So is Damion James. Jordan Farmar is 24. Anthony Morrow and Johan Petro are 25 as is Sundiata Gaines (whose contract is fully guaranteed). Travis Outlaw is 26. MarShon Brooks is 22. Jordan Williams is 20. The team's leading free agent, Kris Humphries is also 26.

Only D-Will and Gaines are rehabbing injuries. All but Hump have personalized training regimens developed by Peak Performance just before the lockout.  So the lockout is more likely to make them itchy. 

Al Iannazzone notes that while the Nets may be raring to go, some of the NBA's traditional contenders and big stars may  be secretly happy they're sitting at home.