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Farmar Non-Commital on Overseas

Earlier this week, Jordan Farmar told the Star-Ledger he would "consider" signing with an Israeli team during the lockout, but when offered the same chance to talk about going overseas with a Los Angeles talk show, he wouldn't commit to that kind of a move.

He was asked about Sasha Vujacic, his teammate with both the Lakers and Nets signing with Efes of Turkey, and whether he might follow. Farmar carefully chose his language in response. "With the lockout pending, that's going to be a real opportunity for a lot of guys," he said, without answering if he's headed overseas.

Farmar, who's the Nets player rep (as he was with the Lakers), said he's "definitely interested in being active" in the labor talks. "There's a lot on the line for a lot of people."