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London Calling: D-Will, Who Else?

Jerry Colangelo of USA Basketball said Tuesday he'll soon start making calls to gauge players interest in the 2012 Olympics. "Just to make contact with all of the people on our list, give them a whole picture of what is coming," Colangelo told AP. "Basically to get a read from them as to what their interests and intentions are in advance."

Deron Williams is surely on that list and the 2008 gold medal winner made it clear when the Nets visited London last March that he's willing. "I love London as a city," said D-Will. I'll be playing next summer in the Olympics there, so it's a little warm-up for me."

Who else might join him? Brook Lopez had to drop out of the World Championship tryouts last year because of mono. So he's likely to be interested.

Overseas, Team Croatia has a good shot at qualifying out of FIBA's Eurobasket. So include Bojan BogdanovicBen Uzoh, who had expressed interest in Team Nigeria, isn't listed on the official roster for Afrobasket, the FIBA qualifier for Africa. Bogdanovic is likely to be the next Net of any kind playing competitive basketball. FIBA Eurobasket begins August 31 in Lithuania...and before that, Croatia partakes in the London Invitational Tournament, starting August 16.