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Can You Stand It? More Nets News!

They're all the rage this summer, your New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn) Nets.  No team has gotten as much --or as divergent-- publicity this off-season as the Nets. 

Deron Williams leads the union charge to Europe. Kris Humphries may have his own reality show starting with a televised wedding (now set for August 20??) and Sasha Vujacic got as much face time at Wimbledon as any line judge.  Not to mention their financial statements have become the grist of the NBA lockout debate over who's been making and losing money.

Did we note Mikhail Prokhorov wants to be prime minister of Russia? Barclays Center construction updates? How about Seth Myers ESPY's monologue (06:40 in)?

The latest? MarketWatch, the financial website, examines the lockout from two very Nets-centric aspects: Will D-Will's move to Turkey mean anything and why it's good to be an NBA owner, noting how even a Russian oligarch nobody had ever heard of can become famous by buying the worst team in the NBA. 

We are everywhere (well, except on the court, of course.)