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Coach: Europe Experience Will Make Bogdanovic a Better Player for Nets

Bojan Bogdanovic is going to see a lot of Neven Spahija over the next year or two.  Spahija, regarded as one of the European game's best tacticians, will mentor the Nets draft choice as coach of Fenerbahce in the Turkish League. Like Bogdanovic, Spahija is a Croatian national.

Spahija, interviewed by CroBasket, a Croatian hoops site, said that the 6'8" swingman is likely to be a much better player when he arrives in the NBA in two years than he is now. "He's a young player who is one of the most potent wings in Europe. In addition to what he's already been proving on the European scene, he has an incredible lot of room for improvement and he should make a lot of progress with us".

Bogdanovic, he added, would likely have been a first round pick if he hadn't signed with Fenerbahce just before the draft. "But it went well for him," he added. "He has the potential and quality of play to play in the NBA, but I do not recommend that young players go there immediately. Playing at a high level in Fener will make him after season two a better player than now and ready for the NBA." Spahija added that Bogdanovic had an offer from CSKA Moscow, Mikhail Prokhorov's old team.