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Union Praises D-Will's Courage and Wisdom; Farmar Considers Israel

In a letter to all 450 members of the players union, NBPA President Billy Hunter praisd Deron Williams "for the wisdom and courage he has demonstrated" and for showing that the players "will not be intimidated by the league’s hard-line tactics."

Hunter encouraged his players to consider overseas contracts while the NBA lockout continues without any talks scheduled.  In the letter, obtained by the New York Times, Hunter wrote, "If the owners will not give our players a forum in which to play basketball here in the United States, they risk losing the greatest players in the world to the international basketball federations." He also advised them to get insurance to guard against "injury or unforeseen circumstances."

Meanwhile, D-Will's backup, Jordan Farmar, was asked if he is thinking of playing in Israel. As the stepson of an Israeli, he would be an attractive prospect for an Israeli team. "Yeah, I'd definitely consider that," Farmar said in a text message to the Star-Ledger, adding there's s"nothing concrete yet"