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Bucher: D-Will's Turkish Contract Loaded With Incentives

In a story on the dangers of a European experience, particularly for top flight talent like Deron Williams, Ric Bucher reveals that D-Will's reported $5 million contract is not as it seems, that in fact it is loaded with incentives, some of which would be difficult to reach.

One report had Williams' contract with Turkey's Besiktas worth $5 million, but sources say that figure is inflated by incentives as lofty as Williams being the league MVP and Besiktas reaching the Turkish Finals, which it has done twice in its 108-year history, most recently in 2005.

Bucher also interviews agents and Josh Childress who had an uneven experience in Europe and then returned to a mediocre season in the NBA.  "One of the biggest things guys will have to realize is that whatever offer you get, there's no guarantee you'll actually get all that money," Childress says.