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D-Will's Turkish Team a Deadbeat?

Of the three Istanbul teams where Nets are likely to play next season, Deron Williams at Besiktas, Sasha Vujacic at Andalou Efes and Bojan Bogdanovic at Fenerbahce, Besiktas is the one seen by Turkish players, their agents and journalists as the least well-organized and least professional, writes Jorge Sierra, founder of Hoopshype.

In a scathing report filed Wednesday, Sierra writes that while Williams is likely to get paid in full, his teammates are likely to get paid late if at all, based on the team's history. Agents for American players have in fact had to go to arbitration to get their clients paid.

Besiktas is also the only one of three not in the Euroleague and has the smallest home arena.

"Deron is going to get all his money, no doubt about it. He’s going to get a great apartment, a luxury car with a driver and security officers," the Turkish player told Hoopshye. "He’s going to come to practice all happy and the rest of the guys are going to be late on their payments three or four months. It’s going to be the same story all over again."

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports on a corruption scandal in Turkish soccer that has already led to the jailing of the president of Fenerbahce, the sports club that owns Bogdanovic's team.