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Is D-Will Prepared for Fans Throwing Heated Coins, Rocks at Players?

Shannon Owens is a writer for the Orlando Sentinel, whose brother Chris plays overseas.  After chatting with his brother, he points out an occupational hazard Deron Williams will have to deal with in the Turkish Basketball League: unruly and aggressive fans...very aggressive fans.

Owens writes Tuesday:

Turkish basketball fans are a passionate bunch and it's pretty common for aggravated fans — particularly during rival games — to take a lighter and heat a coin before throwing it at players on the court. In case you were wondering, it does burn a little, according to Chris.But he'd take hot coins over rocks. While playing on the road in Greece, a fan threw a sharp rock at him which cut his back..

D-Will should also recall what it was like crammed in a commercial jet rather than flying charter. And, Shannon Owens writes, "Someone needs to remind Williams there isn't a Ruth's Chris in Istanbul". Chris Owens thinks it's a good idea. "I think it's a win, win, to me," he told his brother. "I think they need to see it and experience it."